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Civil Engineering is one of the ancient Engineering disciplines that deals with design, construction, maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. To ensure safe, secure and modern structure for human rehabilitation becomes one of the core objectives of Civil Engineering Domain. At its core, it deals with 3 of the natural resources available such as Air, Water & Land extensively.
The fast growing India’s population presents innumerable problems in personal and public housing & commercial complex systems. This coupled with growing environment & green house gas laws bring unimaginable level of complexity to today’s construction industry. Secondly, growing population & economy of India brings urbanization and enabled construction industries grow multifold in last 2 decades. The demand for Civil Engineers is on rise and soon to become major choice for any aspirants to have wonderful career.

Labs Infrastructure:
· Building Material Lab
· Surveying-I Lab
· Building Construction & maintenance Engg. Lab
· Soil Mechanics Lab
· Concrete Technology Lab
. Hydraulics Lab
. RCC and Highway Engg. Lab
· Physics Lab
· Chemistry Lab
· Computer Lab
· Public Health Engg. Lab
. Mechanics Lab
. Mechanical Workshop
. SOM Lab
Faculty  Profile