The Diploma in Mechanical Engineering provides broad-based and diverse engineering learning in areas such as material science, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, fuels, combustion, instrumentation and control, product and system design and manufacturing. The impact of Mechanical engineering touches almost every area of our lives. Mechanical Engineers are the creators and not only create new technology but also innovate for them.
Mechanical Engineers help ensure the machines, elements, vehicles and systems our society depends on work the way they’re supposed to. You need an aptitude for all things mechanical, but you also need good problem-solving and analytical skills, because your job will involve troubleshooting problems, finding better, more efficient ways to do things, and ensuring vital systems stay up and running.

Labs Infrastructure in Suresh Deep Polytechnic:

. Applied Mechanics Lab
. Element of Mechanical Engg. Lab
. Hydraulics Lab
. Mechanics of Solid Lab
. Thermal Engg. Lab.
. Manufacturing Process Lab
. Metrology Lab
. Production Technology Lab
. Physics Lab
. Chemistry Lab
. Computer Lab
. Mechanical Workshop
Faculty  Profile